Will there be global education if so how will it affect us?
(Sarah West and Rachel Rishworth)

Our discussion is what will global education will be like in 2030, we think that there will be something called the E-classroom (education classroom) you can find this classroom about anywhere. They are in almost all of the schools that have the room. You can easily log into a classroom you can log into a lesson of almost any subject of your choice. There are other people from all around the world (see picture below to see what e-room looks like) you can see these people by holographic communication which we think will be around in 2030. Please add any of your thoughts to our discussion.
Rachel & Sarah


For the teachers we think that they would go to an E-classroom conference to learn who to use and teach in the E-classroom. They would also learn to control what the students are doing so they don’t get off task, BUT it would still be about the teaching. We also think that the teaching style would change over time. For exams you would be in the e-room the exam would be emailed to you and from the second you open the paper the timer would start, you would be on webcam so the teacher would make sure that no one is cheating.

See this hologram being used in reallife.
Sarah & Rachel