By Mikayla and Divya

How will camp in the year 2030 be different from now?


Past Camping – When we were camping in the past tents would be manually put up, food was cooked on a fire, sleeping in the tent in a sleeping bag. It was hard and tiring to put up the tent, freezing in the sleeping bag. There was no toilet, but there might have just been an inn house. There were lots of bugs and mosquito’s as well.

Now Camping- We sleep in tents like in but sometimes in camping houses. When we are really camping outside we can bring portable devices so we can cook food, and we can bring some dessert. Instructors would teach us activities, if we got hurt there would be a nurse to help us, but we still come in a bus which is full.

Future Camping- We don’t have to go into camp on long trip in crowed buses .We can go into camp by bullet train. When putting up a tent we can use tent in a tube. Portable warm water showers so we don’t have to take cold showers. A water proof tent and bug proof with heaters inside so it’s not cold at night. Light weight back pack with heaters and coolers to cool or heat us down or up. Dry suits to keep us dry and warm in the water.

field Trips

Past Field Trips-

In the past we would need to take a bus or walk to our destination which would be very tiring. In the past we would also need to take our lunch which by the time we got there our water was warm and our lunch was off from the heat of summer.

Now Field Trips-

We get to take a bus and get to our destination fast, our lunch has mini coolers inside, our water has ice so it's heavy, and we have to carry our bags everywhere with us

Future Field Trips-

We take a bullet train to get to our destination, our water and food will be nice and cool since there is a mini fridge in our back pack.

That's so Raven- Skunk'd

Raven goes camping, she has tent in a tube, she opens the lid and throughs it and the tent opens up.


We propose that when going to camp we get there in the future by Bullet Trains as it is faster, cheaper, more spacious and nicer to ride in. =

Tent House-

In 2030 camps and overnight field trips will have tent house this would be useful as they have everything a normal house has and more
but you just pack it up the next day. It is a luxurious pretty.

TENT HOUSE- IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A LOOK AT SOME MORE TENT HOUSES CHECK OUT THIS: external image 113616C181.jpg external image sahesl.JPG external image t-c-tent.jpg=


In the future we think that we should use dry suits instead of wet suits as they are warmer and because you wear clothes under them it would be very useful when going to activities to just take your dry suits off and go to your next activity.

external image lightning_dry_large.jpg


In 2030 ,we think that the time of the cold shower or no shower when at camp will be over .We think that we will have solar showers, a showers that you can have warm water while at camp also to be friendly to the environment by using sun loving energy i.e solar power. This should be really useful when you have no electricity.

external image super-solar-shower.jpg

backpack cooler with a trendy design this backpack is fulled with uses as it's also a cooler inside/fridge. This would be useful when going out on field trips and needing a cooled lunch.

external image backpack1.jpg