School Buildings In

Sarah Fraser and Amy Mills latest project balances from classrooms, Cafeteria and gathering spaces. This amazing complex is build above a glass road. This is placed in Auckland New Zealand. This school is for co-ed sex school. The building uses green technologies and helps the environment.
The project centres on the “Solar Drop”, an elliptical structure perched over a glass road, which is on top of lagoon. Our building has solar panels and has a PV system which produces an on-site electrical energy.

The building structure is shaped in a tall cylinder made out of safe glass is setting the pace for certified building Solar drop also harvests rainwater from the green space on the roof for use inside the building.



The cafeteria landscape is going to be made of eco-friendly glass surrounding the inside. The new green technology is going to be on the outside of the building, which is only visible from the outside. The floor is going to be made out of sturdy, recycled wood, which is very safe for children walk on.


Time Line


What could

Shuttle Buses

These shuttles are echo Friendly and fit up to 15 people inside. The shuttles run from one end of the glass road to the other. There are about 20 of them going at once. The students hope on the shuttle at one end and get dropped off at school, then the shuttle carries on until it reaches the other side. Students are not allowed to walk on the glass road, so there parents just drops them of at the start of the glass road.