This is the page I might use to give you some more information.
1. Here's the link to the short video clips on how to use this wiki.
2. Here's the link to the help files for wikispaces.
3. Online version of Photoshop: you can sign up for your own account - its free - at Photoshop Express. The link is You can use this site to host your pictures, edit them and also get the "embed" codes to have your pictures display on the wiki.


4. Here is the link to Ustream TV Ustream is one of the sites you can use to host video and have it stream into your wiki. Another site which does this is Voicethread. You will have to create an account at Voicethread and it can be used to give you a podcast or video podcast to stream into your wiki.
5. Audacity (get the download from R drive - the version in the ICT Integration folder). This program allows you to create audio files (use your microphone). These can be saved as mp3 files or wmv files. Here is a tutorial that may help you understand some of the Audacity interface.
Audacity notes
You'll also find that Atomic Learning has a good tutorial on using Audacity. It is here

Link to Mr McCrae's Page