What special equipment will schools use in 2030?

Julia an Shivani

What special equipment will schools use?
Our question involves the equipment/resources that the schools in 2030 will use. What laptops will we be using in the future? Will there even be laptops? What will be the new smart board? Would we be able to get our classes off the internet and not go to school because there would be no teachers to teach you? Will the teachers be holograph? We have been thinking about are what laptops will be like and this is what we thought.

What laptops will we be using?
We thought we would use laptops that are portable but they are able to fit into a desk. You would swivel the laptop screen around and fold it down so that the screen is now the lid. The screen is touch screen. There is a portable battery and a battery that is able to fit into the desk this is so when we use our battery that is in the desk we can charge our portable battery. The battery has 12 hour life so when you are on your laptop it can run all day. We think that this idea is a great idea because then your battery would never run out.

Smart Desks.
We think that our desks will be like smart boards because they are easy and fun to use. If our laptops are going to be like smart boards it will be good because we all know how to use them now so that when we are older with our children going to some schools that use tem then we will be able to know how to work them becasuse we wouldve had them in the past.

We think that the world in 2030 will have changed alot! The grounds, Education, Technology, Buildings, Even pencils or paper! But we have 22 years to wait so don't get to excited!


This movie shows what the technology looks like now, in ten year times imagine the inventions then!