By Julia Yu and Evie
Q: What will be some technologies used in future school 2030?

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1. Future Technology - Transporter
What kind of technology is required to transport students for regrouping in foreign lands and study all in the blink of an eye? Imagine, some students live in Auckland and go to Paris just for French tutoring.
Idea from - Quantum Teleportation or Scientists Report 'Teleported' Data

2. Future Technology - Universal communicator
In year 2030 there will be a very small device for communication and let students talk and see anyone, anywhere and anytime for studying with their mates or asking teacher about homework.

3. Future Technology - robots and holograms
In year 2030 there might be a device when robots as teachers TEACHING us, or we are all at home studying with a hologram of a class of students all AROUND the world with similar hobbies.

4. Future Technology - time travel
Imagine messing with the time-space continuum and maybe we can go back in time 1000 years ago for students who are taking history classes. (:
Idea from - Attention Chronic Argonauts and fellow Time Travelers