In 2030 there will be lots of new, different subjects. Things like machine programming and software making. There will also be lots of new sports that are different to the sports today. The students may not need to even go to school to learn. They will be able to flick a switch and a hologram of them will appear at school. You may also be able to get computers completely loaded with all you will need at school, for the rest of your learning days. If the system gets updated, updates will already appear without the need for a loading period. All lessons and work will be automatically customised to each student, from a form that they fill out with their likes, dislikes etc.
  • all teachers will have laptops
  • studenmts can use telephones to find information or speak to experts on their subjects.

external image microsoftsurface.jpgexternal image school_of_the_future_01.jpgexternal image top.future.desk.MoMA.gif By: Aggy and Julie