hay its Georige Jenkin and Kate Morley we are asking the question ...What technology will there be in the classroom??

In the year 2030 lots of things will change. In the classroom there will probably be Holograms that teach you. Sometimes you might not even have to go to school but get taught on your computer at home. The technology they use for disapline will most likely be different.The past few years have seen alot of developments in schools. big efforts to upspend the 20th-century of local schooling among them, increased accountability and charter schooling they have made considerable advances. What if we look a lil further into the very near future, a place we can almost sense and touch. What will it take to create schools that are efficient, effective, and equal to the challenges of the 21st century? sharing two very different perspectives on what education is likely to look like and what that means for schoolling in the future and today.