What will schools buildings look likein 2030? Maddi and Kristina


Maddi and Kristina have taken up the challenge to deisgn a new school buildings for the year 2030. We have found information and pictures about schools in the future. We would like to teach you and maybe show you what we have done on our page.

To ask the question “What will schools look like in the year 2030?” Is a very hard thing to do. We have no idea what we will be able to make and what materials we can use in this year. Research shows that every school will be unique. Or we can just say we don't know what the future holds. It is a mystery but the research we are doing we will be able to help you with the problem.

Did you know?

In England a program called CABE has stepped up its support. They say that by the year 2030 a $45 billion project will happen and they aim to get 3, 500 secondary schools rebuilt or renewed. This shows that they are starting to think about what is happening in our schools and what we can do to help get education for kids up.


Schools in the future will be rebuilt, remodeled or upgraded to provide flexiable, inclusive, attractive learning environments that teachers want to teach in and pupils want to learn in.

The Future School!

Our idea for a future school is a little bit the same as the school of Sky High the movie. But instead of having the school in the sky we are going to have it floating in the water. Because by the year 2030 research shows that they would not be able to get a school into the sky. It would be to dangerous. We have movies and pictures from the movie. Our school will look basicly the same but in the water. Our school is going to be eco friendly and made out of the best materials which won't harm the sea in anyway. It will be solar powered because there is no way that you can get electricity out at sea. Go to the bottom to read more!


This will be the first school in the water! It will be great for people who live out at sea they can go to this amazing school. There will be some dangerous things about having a school at sea. Firstly what would happen if the school started to sink? This won't be a problem as the school will have CO2 gas running through and will be able to stay under water long enough for a rescure team to come and help them. Because this newly built school will have so much air in it this will help it to float. To stay up above the water the school will have a ring around the English department and this will keep it afloat.

This school will be a co-ed school becuase it will not be far to be only girls or boys. There will only be one of these schools for a long time. Research shows that a school like this will cost over a billion dollars to make. They will have to make it on land then somehow get it into the water, by the year 2030 we will have technology to do this. There are no schools which are in the water at the moment so this is a very good idea for the world it will show technology has stepped up and made Earth more interesting.

Everything which is under water will be made of class, of coarse this glass will be some of the safest in the world. It will have to be as thick as about 20cm or more to so it won't brake from the pressure of the sea. This will be very educational for Science because they can see marine life close up.

Every subject e.g. Maths, English etc will have its own level in the cone of rooms under the water. Because there is no way to get out this school is going to be very spacious so you don't feel like your in prison.

At the bottom of the cone of classes there will be a sea water pool which will be filled up with new water from the sea everyday. It will be drained every night so the school is lighter. This will be very eco friendly as there won't be to many chemicals trying to keep it clean.

Everyone who goes to this school will have to board as it will be to hard to get the the school everyday. The boarding house will be above the water. It will be the top leval of the main buliding. If you don't want to board you will have to be rich enough to get a hellicopter to school. It will land on the rugby feild. Or if by the year 2030 they have thought of and made a new design to get you somewhere faster you could use that.

This school will be from year 1-13 because it is big enough to have this many kids also it is a great thing to be able to go to this school from such a young age.

It's Proven!


A hotel in Dubai is under water. This shows that this is possible and it could happen. This is a start in technology for our school to be made. Global warming will take over and there will be so much water we won't know what to do with it. It will be good to have a school in the water as there will be so much of it. Our design! schhol_2_rite_way.JPG schhool_1_rite_way_up.JPG This is our final design! I hope you enjoyed our page, and hopefully learned about future schools. Made by Kristina and Maddi!