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Q. What will school fitness be like in 2030?

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What we think?
We think that if technology is changing and becoming more better by the minute will there be any time for exercise for future humans in 2030? But we found out about the pics above called the G alter and it is very amazing what this fitness machine can do which will change peoples lives.

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Also we found out that the wii fit will be a great way to exercise in 2030 When we watched this video but this can actually improve people's fitness instead of going to a gym! So wow that is an amazing part of the year 2030.

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Me and Fran found out that there is already so many fitness machines that are here or are coming out and we found out maybe fitness/PE for education will be at home we found this alsum link

We found out about this thing called the itranier and it is this personal tranier that you listen to while exercising and helps get fit and in shape

This has nothing to do with fitness but we found this interesting car/communication if anyone is interested in looking at it.

What will School fitness be like in the Year 2030?
By Jessica Timms & Francesca Jorna

What will School Fitness be like in 2030?
In our discussion of “What future fitness be like in 2030?” Well, me and Francesca think with many new fitness machines coming out for example like the itranier or even the g-alter that is coming out even our favourite the wii fitness. These machines can really help and change people’s live as we know it till 2030. But we think that there is a 50/50 chance that people would be interested doing exercise but the reason why is because with more gadgets coming out and the more better it is we think less people will be interested in exercise in 2030. But with many of these machines coming out we think that many fitness machines now will improve. We think from one of the youtube links we think the future of squash/tennis will definitely exist till 2030 if possible.

Here is a link to what we found out

How do these machines improve your fitness?
We think that the g-alter or the wii fitness and even the itranier will definitely improve by along way from now but this is a possibilty though. Because if everything is changing and becoming more better right now then it has to improve your fitness by along way in 2030.
How does the G-Alter work and improve your fitness?
The G-Alter helps to improve my mobility and health to improve mobility and health, recover from injury and surgery more effectively, overcome medical challenges that limit movement, and enhance physical performance. Whether you're an elite athlete who can't afford bench time or an individual whose daily life doesn't have time for sitting still, G-Trainers are designed for everyone.
How does the wii fitness work and improve your fitness?
This works to help your
  • Yoga
  • Strength Training
  • Aerobics
  • Balance games
    • Ski jumping
    • Ski and snowboard slaloms.
    • Heading footballs/soccer balls
    • Table Tilt — The player must shift their balance to get balls into holes.
    • Tightrope Tension — The player must cross a tightrope avoiding the snapjaws.
    • Balance Bubble — The player attempts to navigate down a river in a bubble without bursting it on the sides.
    • Penguin Slide — The player has to catch fish while balanced on a piece of ice.
    • Lotus Focus — The player must remain motionless while looking at a flame.
This can really change people’s lives by a far way.

How does the ITranier work and how does it improve your fitness?
It works by you know like an original ipod does but even better you listen to people telling you what to do like any subject you name it like Pilates etc. This really improves by even if you are exercising now people would really get interested in buying it and seeing it will improve.

This is very much what we have to say about our project and thanks for reading it guys!!!!!!!

By Francesca and Jessica
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