What will teaching resources be like in the year

Simran Haer and Georgia Williams are doing a project called what recsources teachers will use in the year 2030. Whiteboards are one of the resources that teachers use alot today. We deicided to desgin a whiteboard which can be used in the future. This will be easy for teachers to use and easier for the students to learn off. It wil be a touch screen so you can move objects to certain places.
We think that the touch white boards will be in the future because there is ipod touch, touch screen on your laptop etc. and what we want to improve on is that it will be easier for the students.If there is no teacher in the class room for a period of time the whiteboard will talk to the students and explain everythng at the same standard as the teacher/teachers would and that will help the teachers alot more, and students will learn more, it will be like having another teacher around to help you.
external image Large_Plasma-Touch-Screen.jpgexternal image multitouch-773176.jpg

The images which will be shown in the board will be 3D, and you will beable to look inside the images and see all the details and structures, for example a building.The whitebaord will be built into the wall, the images that will be in the 3Dbaord will be programed by it self so the teachers will not have to plug it into there laptop the 3Dboard will just turn on and off by the teachers voice. If the 3Dboard isnt used and it is still switched on for an hour the 3Dboard will automatically turn off. You can choose to divide your sreen into multiple amount of numbers at the same time and see it all at once. You will bebale to do anything on the baord e.g. draw on the board, desighns things aswell as looking up information