Subjects in 2030
In the 1900's wealthy children attend elite academy’s and their classrooms were dayrooms in a house with about 3-4 pupils also attending. Some of the subjects that girls there learnt were reading, spelling, history, arithmetic, geography and penmanship or handwriting. Sometimes they learnt skills to help them act and behave in society, such as manners, dancing, and how to walk and act like a young lady. If they were fortunate enough they would also be offered French lessons.

The children in public schools were more free. Many children who went there were not that rich. There were about 20-30 children in the classrooms. Girls and Boys went to public schools unlike the private schools and academy's where only one gender went.

But what will happen in the year 2030?

Watch these videos. Could these be examples of our schools of the future?

Subjects that students might be learning in the year 2030
external image sports1rgb.jpg

Physical education
In the year 2030, p.e. might be very different because the effect of Global Warming creating flooding etc. So all exercise or physical education may only be inside or even maybe lack of exercise.
But because its only the year 2008 we could reduce and stop Global Warming from happening and exercise or physical education may be the same (inside and outside). But there will probably be some new sports, games or even new activities being invented and created. Sports and activities over the past have changed and have been developed e.g. hockey being played on a turf (artificial turf) So imagine what it will be like in the year 2030.

English and Maths

We think that in the year 2030 most English and maths classes will be learning the same as we are today in 2008 .Although we might be learning in a different way e.g. from computers or holograms.external image 08frame.600.jpg

In the year 2030 we think we would be learning more exciting practical’s like instead of looking after plants and growing our own veggie garden maybe practical’s would be more technical like growing plant and veggie gardens in one day by adding something that makes it grow faster (this has not been invented yet) and the next growing something else.
The non practical things we would do might be the same.

external image futuristic_church.jpg


Going to church at school should still be the same because it hasn't changed during the past 100s of years. (singing hyms and praying). But we think churches will look a lot different because it will become more modern as time goes by.

Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine


At school we have been making bags and garnments in technology fabric classes and silver and copper pendants in technology material.
We think in the future technology classes wil have more things to do and make like making a much bigger garnments and making something more technical. We may have different machines like a sewing machine in technology fabric.