Welcome to 8DLL11's view of the world in 2030. How will Education change in the future (2030)?

Hi everyone welcome to 8DLL’s wiki pages. For our wiki we decided to do; what will education be like in the year 2030. This is how we did it-

First of all we brainstormed ideas of what we think the world will be like in the year 2030 e.g. Flying cars and modern transport.
Secondly, we voted and choose education as our main topic, next we brainstormed what our main question could be and what different ideas could come under the umbrella of education e.g. fitness, school buildings and teachers.
Helooo.JPGjhdjasdc.JPG Thirdly everyone choose partners. Then each pair came up with a detailed question, which they would then go on to research. One of the questions might have been: what special equipment will be used inside a classroom or what will teachers use to teach students. We then put all of the information, pictures and videos we had researched into our wiki page for people to look at and gain knowledge about what education will be like in the year 2030.

We all hope you enjoy looking at our pages.