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An introduction to what teachers might be like in 2030
In the United States of America there are some universities and companies trying to create software that can be used one day to replace teachers or so they don’t have to be in the room. At the University for “Advanced Research in Technology for Education (CARTE)”, research shows that someone has developed artificial agents that can look like teachers and be the teachers.


Teachers are most effective when they work with one student at a time, but us humans can't work with everyone in the class at once. There is one computer one person, and they can be available all the time. Then the computers can see the areas that are difficult for the student, and they can identify individual students who are having problems. Live lectures can be boring, and watching a boring lecture on a monitor is worse. Like this, students are actively solving problems themselves in an appealing environment and getting individual help.


Holograms are the most likely thing that we could use in 2030 for teaching. Holograms would be a lot easier for teachers as they wouldn’t have to go to school and instead they could teach from your house. You could also use holograms for any subjects. For Science you could demonstrate how to dissect a frog and for English you could watch a play in any country right in front of you.

There are also movies such as I Robot and Star Wars that have technology that could come in the year 2030. As I Robot has robots and we could use them for teaching while Star Wars shows holograms and again we could also use them for teaching. Why not!

Instead of using holograms we could also use a video camera or an Ipod to video and teach so students could just watch it and do it themselves. Such as Otago Polytechnic chef tutor Steve Elwood videos on how to cook for students.

So in the year 2030 we think teachers will be holograms or computer technology. We think this because there is going to be no need for teachers to come to school as they will just teach from their house through a computer or hologram.